Thursday, July 24, 2008

COUSINS - do we really have to be so far away!

My SISTER - My INSPIRATION: Whenever I have moms complain that their children are hard, I just think of my sister who is graciously and patiently mothering a child with severe cerebral palsy. She is one of the best moms I know, and she makes me understand more what being a mom is all about. Thank you Sis!
Somehow I convinced Boyce to take a 13 hour "detour" to Boise to visit some of my family. It was the first leg of the trip to Ohio. They wore us out, but it was worth every single mile and outrageous cost in gas. The next stop was Laramie, WY to see more family (smaller and cuter cousins). After that, we stopped in Kansas City to see more family and cousins and to play some cool car/ball game. We don't have pics of the rest of the trip because I think we were just too tired to get out the camera. 45 hours later we made it to our new home! Don't recommend that road trip to anyone. Uggh!

Missing the Beach

We already miss the BEACH and TANNER! This was our last trip to the beach before we left Cali. We biked 30 miles there. We spent a lot of time at the beach with Robin and Tanner, and we plan on going back. There's nothing like sitting in the sand listening to the waves. June 2008

Graduation - Took you long enough DAD!

Boyce finally graduated from medical school, and we headed to Dayton, Ohio for an ER residency. Yes, we have been professional students, but he's finally doing what he loves, and what we feel he's supposed to do. It was a good day....Dr. Fish....that just sounds weird! We are proud of Boyce because it wasn't easy doing this with a high maintenance family!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Impeccable timing for Bryce's Eagle Project

Bryce planned his Eagle Project for the last week we were in Cali. Yeah, like we didn't have enough to do. We spent 4 days working in the band room patching walls, tearing out cubbies, painting, etc. He wanted to do something to give back to Ayala because this program has done so much for him. We were happy that he got it done though!

The Parks are AWESOME and FREE here!

Here's just one of the many FREE parks that are right around us in OHIO. There are so many fun parks and everything is so family oriented. We have loved going on play dates to different parks 3 or 4 times a week!