Saturday, November 1, 2008

Davin turns 12

Wow! I'm so impressed with myself. I'm actually posting this on the same day as the party! That never happens and probably won't ever happen again. Anyway, we tend to have some pretty crazy parties at our house, and today we had a "catapult" party. What does every 12 year old want to do - build a catapult and fling things at each other right! I had to tell them no to sending flaming things into the pond. We just had our lawn aerated, so they flung dirt "poops" at each other and loved it of course. Boy brains.....I just don't see how that could be so fun! Poor Boyce had to build one too many catapults with the boys and then go work all night. That about sums up his life as an intern.

I've had many requests for pics of our house, so I included a few trying to put people in them. Kaid's room is a mess, but that's how it looks all the time pretty much. He designed it and painted the stripe. Bryce's room to be is the basement area that we were building in. It will be nice, but we don't know when we will get it done (hopefully by Christmas). We were trying to avoid having to do much of it ourself, but finances tend to dictate things like that. Boyce got a new power tool (compound miter saw), so he is pretty hyped and motivated to build. He's been my hot handy man with a power tool!

Beggars' Night instead of Trick or Treat?

Beggars' Night? Yeah, here they celebrate Beggar's Night on Thursday from 6-8 instead of trick-or-treating on Halloween. It is strange.....It allowed Boyce and I to go to an adult Halloween party, so I'm not going to complain. Usually I make costumes, and my days of getting the kids to dress up as a theme (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc) is over, but Kenzi just wanted to wear her Sleeping Beauty dress, so I didn't argue with her. I spent the money I would've spent on costumes on decorations instead. Davin made the comment that we have never decorated for Halloween before. I had to laugh because I used to do fun things like that before I taught school full time. Our pumpkins were still pathetic (Gene & Kori you need to give us some tips). Fall is gorgeous here! The trees are bright red. Yeah, around March I'm sure I'm going to be hating life because of the cold. Happy Halloween!