Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

I always make the kids breakfast on Valentine's Day and have a personal letter and present on the table also. When the kids were younger, I use to buy them a stuffed animal or toy, but now that they are older I do gift cards or cash. Teenagers always like cash. I keep a copy of the letters that I write them, and it has been fun to see what their interests were that year. I'm hoping that I will continue the tradition and always send them a letter every year on Valentine's Day.

bringin' in 2009

This was a big snow storm for Ohio. The problem with the snow here is not that we get a lot of it, the problem is it snows, rains, snows, rains, and creates this thick layer of ice everywhere. Kaid spent hours breaking up the ice underneath the snow (rock salt doesn't do anything for it). We were out of school a couple of days for this because of the ice. The kids have loved the snow because it has been 5 years since they've had it. I still hate the snow.....Wyoming did that to me.

Kenzi reading to the dog. She can get pretty lonely sometimes because her brothers don't play with her that much. Sometimes her dog is the only one that will pay attention to her. And you know labs - they always want attention!
Boyce had the boys cook me an incredible anniversary dinner for our 18th! We had ribeye with sauteed shrimp on top and lobster. They took my order and served me. Of course I had to have one of everything. The best part was they cleaned up the kitchen afterwards.
The boys were at a New Year's Eve party, so we had a few friends over last minute and played their Guitar Hero. It was a blast jammin' to some 80 songs. When the kids are away, the parents will play!