Sunday, August 17, 2008

Band Season has started!

We are so excited for band season. Bryce has addicted to competitive marching band. When he first decided to go out for band 2 years ago, I was hesitant because I was more interested in sports. He gave up soccer to do band. We have loved going to the competitions, and the whole family is hooked and "bandies" now. Our school in Cali placed 14th in the nation last year, and we moved to a school that placed 13th in the nation, so it is just as competitive. We are hoping to make finals this year (top 12) with our show called "Wild Things". We will be traveling to Indianapolis 3 times this season including nationals in November. It definitely takes up quite a bit of our time, but we love band season! Bryce is a tuba player (with the headband), and they have an awesome tuba section this year.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The BEAST at Kings Island

Here's Kenzi with my great nephew Brazen. He was sooooo much fun to watch at Kings Island!
Kenzi actually rode the BEAST! I was really nervous for her because she's not much of a roller coaster gal. She's learning and to our satisfaction she screamed, "It was awesome!"
The BEAST is the best wooden roller coaster in the world according to many of us! Denny and Dionne came down with their family and spent the weekend with us. Of course we had to go to Kings Island because it brings back so many memories from when we all lived here 17 years ago. We were thrilled to have family come see us in OH because we know it won't happen very often. We all have bruises from the BEAST, but it is worth it!