Sunday, August 3, 2008

The BEAST at Kings Island

Here's Kenzi with my great nephew Brazen. He was sooooo much fun to watch at Kings Island!
Kenzi actually rode the BEAST! I was really nervous for her because she's not much of a roller coaster gal. She's learning and to our satisfaction she screamed, "It was awesome!"
The BEAST is the best wooden roller coaster in the world according to many of us! Denny and Dionne came down with their family and spent the weekend with us. Of course we had to go to Kings Island because it brings back so many memories from when we all lived here 17 years ago. We were thrilled to have family come see us in OH because we know it won't happen very often. We all have bruises from the BEAST, but it is worth it!


Playful Professional said...

So much fun. Did I mention that I'm jealous? Although I did just get done spending a week with the fam, I already miss them. Brazen is pretty fun.

Peter and Brittany Merrill said...

Hello Fish Family!
It was so fun catching up on what and where you guys are! You have such a beautiful family! I am so glad we can keep up with eachother through the blog world! Take Care

Lynita said...

The Beast sounds fun! One question is it like Cyclone and you leave with a headache? I used to love that wooden roller coaster til I realized that is where I got a gnarly headache every time! LOL! I am glad that you had family visit, it seems like you made the most of it. Way to go Kenzi, some of the best things in life are a little scary!

Amy Joy said...

Love the blog Downi. Glad you got to OH safe and started right in on the fun. Check out the Clarks blog. I have a link from my blog. I LOVE that I can keep up with your fam in this blog world.

Terena said...

Good post.