Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas in New York City

BRRRRRR! We picked the coldest day of the year to be tourists. We planned a trip to New York City for Christmas because we had never been and that is one of the perks of living in the East. We are only 9 hours away! We only had 2 days in the city, so we tried to pack a lot in. We rode a train from my brother-in-law's house into the city, a tour bus around the city, the subway, and then a boat around the harbor. We totally did the NY tourist thing. It was awesome!

Kenzi's favorite thing about NY was the pigeons. We paid how much money for her to chase birds around!
This is one my newest nephews, Owen. Boyce and Owen were bald buddies. I think the count for our nieces and nephews is now 57! Can you believe it? We are adding 5 in this year alone!
They had a huge ferris wheel in the Toys-R-Us. Davin and Kenzi love to play Monopoly together (probably because Davin can convince her to trade anything for his benefit of course), so I had to take a picture of this cart.
You can't tell in this picture how cold it is on the top of the boat. No one else was on the top because they weren't as stupid as we were. What we will go through for a few pictures.
Ellis Island - I love the history of New York.

We had to see the TREE. We didn't put up a Christmas tree this year (yes, we are that cheap) because I kept telling Kenzi we were going to see a big one. It was cool to finally see where my morning news is taped. I needed to see, hear, smell (good and bad), taste and touch NY because it always looks different compared to television.

Cute niece and nephews with Santa (the paid Santa of course). They were troopers being dragged around New York.
Bryce's favorite thing was a little jazz club he visited called the Village Vanguard. I'm ready to go back and see some more things!


Lynita said...

I love this post, thanks for coming out and giving our family the best Christmas in a long time! We had so much fun, and we love you all so much!