Monday, September 21, 2009

Marching band groupies on the road again

Kaid made one of the two cymbal spots for freshman this year. He's happy to be marching and enjoying the time with Bryce in the band. Many parents have asked if the boys fight because their siblings do. Luckily, my boys have developed a better relationship than they have ever had - it might have something to do with them both hanging out with all the girls every chance they get! I'm enjoying Bryce playing taxi for his little brother also!
We have started another season of marching band, but this year Bryce is a senior and boy do the parents go all out. We have so many senior dinner things going on for band - it's great. Here Bryce is with some fellow tuba players. The show theme is the "icon of Elvis" so if anyone has any good, cheap gift ideas let me know. We love watching all the shows during band season, and I'm not handling my son being a senior very well. It really does go by too fast!


Pat Newton said...

Good for you Guys!!! Kaid how neat that you made it; and Bryce, you've had it made all along, but Good Job anyway! I love you all.

I Love Local Commercials said...

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