Sunday, January 10, 2010

Elvis is in the building band season 2010

Centerville placed 12th at Nationals! Yeah! It was especially fun because Boyce and I left the other 2 kids at home and spent a weekend together watching the older boys!

This was the BEST part of band season. Bryce and Kaid were able to enjoy a year of high school together and they had a blast. Everyone knows the Fish boys because they were cute and always chilling with t

Like I said, the boys were always around girls. One of the cabinet moms told me the story of how Bryce's uniform is ALWAYS the last one in the closet. One day she told another mom, "Bryce is the only one not dressed yet. He's probably out hugging another girl." When they went to go find him, that's exactly what he was doing! The boys are particularly fond of these 2 girls. :)

We had a blast with the Elvis theme this year! The kids did a lot of dancing!
Kaid made the cymbal line and loved it! He won a rookie of the year award!


Kori said...

That was one spectacular show! They should've placed even higher! It's great to see those boys loving what they're doing!

Lynita said...

They are such handsome boys! Of course Boyce was always surrounded by a fan club too, and now look at him... LOL! Seriously though, I am very proud of Bryce and Kaid and happy that they have enjoyed band so much!