Sunday, October 19, 2008

First Day of School

This was a scary day for the school, new state, new everything. It's hard to be the new kid, but they have adjusted well. The kids have been really nice here, so they have all had plenty of friends to do things with. We have been very happy about our neighborhood because there are several kids the same age. Kenzi has a little girl across the street in the same grade, and they are so much alike. (They both are a little strange haha) It's nice that she has a bus buddy. I didn't have to work the first day, so I worked out, went to lunch with a friend, and then went shopping! I haven't had the kids at school and me at home ever, so I celebrated! It was really strange not starting the school year with a classroom though. It's a lot less stressful when all you are worrying about is your own kids! Kenzi (2nd), Davin (6th), Kaid (8th), Bryce (11th) Can you believe how old they are? I'm not ready for Bryce to be leaving for college!


Anonymous said...

This is Denny. Finally! We get a Fish blog posting. It's good to see pictures and see that you guys are surviving Dayton. Sure you don't want to make the drive to KC for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Lynita said...

I love the pix, Kenzi's shorter hair really suits her! I am so amazed at how each of the boys have their own look and personalities, they sure are a good looking bunch!

Playful Professional said...

Kenzi is super cute :) As are the rest of your kids... I hope to see you guys sometime soon!